Welcome Home

Everyone has a home at Middlesex Presbyterian Church. Maybe you didn’t grow up in a church—you can start here. Maybe you left the church for a time—you can renew your faith here. We are a family oriented congregation. If you feel as if you have no family then we open our arms to you. You have a place among us. You are welcome to join us as we protect the faith once delivered unto the saints.  Your pew is reserved.


The future is exciting and brighter days are ahead no matter what appearances may say. We served this community yesterday. We’re serving it today. We’ll be here when you need us tomorrow.


Our Story


In 1799 God established Middlesex Presbyterian Church to serve Him in spirit and in truth.  More than two centuries later, we’re still fighting the good fight and we praise God for allowing us the privilege and honor of calling upon His royal name. We consider ourselves stewards of a venerable tradition. The history of Middlesex Presbyterian Church, in a very real way, mirrors the history of the United States. We have weathered the controversies and battles against theological liberalism.  We’ve struggled with those who would attack God’s Word and truth. We resist the pressure to walk the easy path. We do our utmost to remain a beacon of hope to a lost and hurting world. It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s been worth the struggle. Our hope is to fulfill the charge given to us, and as the founders of our church broke new ground, we’re progressing into the 21st Century.


Middlesex Presbyterian is the oldest active church in Butler County.  And as one of the senior congregations in our country’s history, we stand firm on the beliefs and practices of Classical Christianity. We do this not because they are popular, but because they are true. And only the truth stands the test of time. Worship styles come and go. What’s fashionable one year is forgotten when the next trend arrives. Rest assured we’ll be here when the fads of today become the footnotes to history.


Since the early days of the American Republic our congregation has stood the ground for God’s eternal truth.  By His grace we will continue in this holy struggle.